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Task Force on Generative AI in Teaching and Learning


A photorealistic hyperrealistic group of thirty diverse faculty, students and staff from McMaster University wearing business casual clothes sitting a traditional wooden boardroom table debating a topic. The boardroom table is in the middle of a deciduous forest lit up by fairy lights with a small campfire burning in the background.

As the use of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) became widespread, McMaster University struck a task force to explore its potential for enhancing teaching and learning, as well as the challenges associated with its use.

The Task Force on Generative Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learning started work on May 1st and concluded August 29th. It was co-chaired by Kim Dej, vice-provost, Teaching and Learning, and Matheus Grasselli, deputy provost. Faculty, staff and students from across the university sat on the Task Force and contributed to its work and final report. 

The Provisional Guidelines on the Use of Generative AI in Teaching and Learning continue to be updated based on feedback from the campus community and as technology changes.

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Task Force Members Task Force Membership list

Task Force Members included staff, students and faculty from all six faculties.

Terms of Reference Terms of Reference

The Task Force on Generative AI Use in Teaching and Learning was charged with developing provisional guidelines and resources over the summer of 2023. Review the full terms of reference.